Safe at Home

Since the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic, St Simons Clubbe house has provided 27,200 nights and days of respite and shelter. During these 27 months our service users have experienced no loss of life due to Covid 19 or overdoses.

  • Our experience of zero overdose fatalities flows from the following:
  • A non-judgmental Harm Reduction Policy
  • Daily comprehensive wellness checks with residents
  • Our on-site medical practitioner
  • Dedicated supportive staff and most importantly our residents.

In addition, St Simons Clubhouse has achieved 99% scoring on quarterly third-party evaluations of our Infection Prevention and Control procedures for communicable diseases inclusive of Covid 19. With this in mind we wish to celebrate that we have not experienced a single loss of life or hospitalization of a resident.
Maintaining the safety, wellbeing, and improving the outcomes for the people who call our site home has required a nonstop effort from everyone involved. We’d like to thank all of our supporters. You are a part of this good news story.

St. Simons Clubbe house is truly a place to know as home.